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[ Aoi had left team D's set under the guise of going to get food, but been gone more than a little too long. He returns about an hour later, with the promised food in his hands but a slightly stricken, distracted sort of look on his face. ]

Here. [ He pushes the food at Corrin. ] Sorry it took awhile...
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[ Knock knock on Simon's dressing room door. ]

Hey, open up, I gotta talk to you about some shit.
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[ So here is one Aoi and Corrin at Niles' dressing room door. Aoi is fretting quite a bit and hanging tightly onto Corrin's hand because of it. With his free hand he knocks loudly on the door, glancing at the prince. ]

Not sure where to look for him if he's not here.
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[ Aoi's dressing room is a lot more messy than it was in the early days. Clothing's thrown all around and there's a bunch of holes in one of the walls at various levels. Someone's been playing beat the wall up whenever they get frustrated and that someone is Aoi. But he breezes on and ignores that fact and hopes that Corrin will too. ]

I'm kind of tired of hiding things now and I've been rethinking my priorities. I keep you out of the loop too much and every time it nearly gets me dead by things like stabbing. So I want to tell you about a few things, okay?
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[ During a break from the Masquerade, Aoi calls Simon over to his dressing room. He's still pretty damn pale from his ordeal and looking green around the edges, but at least he's not actually throwing up anymore. ]

I don't think I can throw this game anymore. I saw my fucking life pass before my eyes and I'm pretty damn sure if I throw it, it's just going to be death for sure.

[ He's actually not sure he can play at all, but the point is going to stand. ]

But I still want to help. What else can I do?
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[ Aoi leads the way into his dressing room and leans against the door once they get inside. He slumps a little against it, managing to look very small in his oversized sweater. He's anxious and it shows. ]

I guess I need advice more than anything but what I want to say is kind of a mouthful, so get ready for that.
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[ Aoi leads the way into his dressing room and when they get in there, immediately pulls Corrin into a close hug. ] Advice was a bit of a fib. [ He confesses. ] It's more that I want to give you a warning, but if I said that out there then that would be a fucking disaster.

[ He's shaking a bit. Clearly whatever this is about is really important. ]
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[ Aoi considers what to block the door with and then drags a chair over, wedging it under the doorknob after pressing the door closed. He comes back after that, kneeling on the floor by the bed and offering his hand to the poor puppy. ]

So you don't have fond feelings for 'the A-team', huh.
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[ As soon as the Spades meeting for the day is over, Aoi pulls Ene aside quietly. ]

Hey, can we go to my dressing room and talk? [ He asks quietly, shuffling from foot to foot and disappearing a bit into his oversized sweater. he's obviously nervous about whatever this is. ] I want to explain myself better, and I've got a favor to ask.
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[ Aoi is guiding Corrin into his dressing room, arms around him. It's pretty hard to walk when he's insisting on embracing him while they walk but he's not going to do it any other way. When they get inside he kicks the door closed. ]

Okay, we're alone now. You can let everything out.

[ He wants to let everything out too but he's stuffing it down and burying it. He's going to take care of Corrin. That comes first before anything else. ]
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[ Aoi's dressing room is pretty plain looking, except for all the clothing stuffed on the rack and the massive pile of sneakers underneath it. There's some armor stuffed in a corner, but no other life to the place. It's just bare. It's like the game didn't know what to do with him so it just gave up.

He opens the door and motions Rohan inside. ]

You can take the seat, I don't care. [ He leans against the wall and waits for the door to close before he starts. ]
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[ Aoi leads Corrin to his dressing room. It's a lot less colourful this time around - he's too in between homes for the game to know what to do with him, so all it really populated his dressing room with is a lot of scarves. He's laid his armor very carefully in a corner. He himself has gone a little overboard with the clothes part of things - the rack is a bit stuffed and the floor underneath it is cluttered with sneakers. So at least his dressing room has life in that way.

He leans against the door once he closes it and reaches out to pull Corrin into his rms for another hug. ]

What's on your mind?
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[ Aoi's dressing room does, indeed, have armor inside of it. He's laid it carefully in a corner and hung up the underclothes on the hangers he got his jeans and tshirt off of. Otherwise, his dressing room is pretty bare. He's got no possessions from either home gathered inside, except a hell of a lot of scarves.

When they get in, he flops down on the chair and slumps down on it, looking up at Rudolf.

So. Where should we start?
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[ 11:45 pm. Ticking down. It's near time for the night to roll over and near time for everything to change. The votes will click into place soon. Santa is huffing and puffing in his bed, arms crossed and staring down at his tablet. He'd be biting down on his lip if it wasn't stitched together from being split. His nose is wrinkled and his face blotched from anger. He doesn't know what to do.

He can't sleep. Who could?
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[ Late at night, Santa is fidgeting and upset and angry in his hospital bed. He's picking off most the blankets and thrown all his pillows. He's so upset and angry that his face is blotched red. He wants June is who he wants, but he doesn't see her. So he keeps glancing at the door to see if she'll come back, he's ready to send someone for her soon, but maybe she'll come back soon. He fucking hopes. He needs her. ]
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[ It's night and Santa is wide awake. There's lots of hustle and bustle outside the hospital set and it's hard to sleep, even if you're heavily injured. He's getting stronger but he still can't wheelchair by himself out there yet, so he's stuck in bed and worrying. Oh boy.

He's all alone in the hospital set right now. It'd be a great time to meet privately with someone.
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[ So, once they're in his dressing room - all clean now, by the way - he looks up at Kyrie from the wheelchair. ]

I really need your help with something I want to do. I'm not going to ask without a return, though. If you do this, I'll give you all my votes next round.
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I don't know what's happening. I have a few ideas about who might have done this. But I don't want to tell anyone else. I think that;s dangerous if I tell.

I have a few plans in the works and I don't think everyone wants to see them come to fruitation. I have way too many plans. I make way too many deals. [ He sighs. ] I make too many promises...
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[ It's time for another meeting. Due to the earlier attack on Santa, they're meeting in the hospital room. Unlike last time, he hasn't been able to prepare any breakfast, so you better have brought your own food. ]

Okay, we've got a few orders of business .Let's get to them, I'm not sure how long I'll last with this concussion.
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[ Here's Santa. Here's Santa going to the prop room. He's unsteady on his feet because he's had a few drinks to steel his nerves and dull his senses. He doesn't want to be ready for what's coming, he doesn't want to be able to react to it. He wanders in and pretends to be looking for something, humming a quiet lullaby to himself, idly chewing on his lip as he does so. ]
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